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First Nation Health Authority (FNHA) Clients

I am a Registered Social Worker with the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) and I have been working with Indigenous peoples for many years. I work from a trauma-informed perspective  and use a decolonizing approach to the therapeutic relationship. I recognize the profound impact intergenerational trauma, residential schools and genocide have had on Indigenous cultures and peoples in Canada. As a social worker and therapist I am committed to the highest standards of practice in addressing issues of social justice, inequality and structural oppression of Indigenous peoples.

FNHA Mental Health Benefits

If you are Indigenous and have a First Nations status number you may be eligible for fully funded therapy sessions through the FNHA. For more information on the First Nations Mental Health Benefit visit their website

Apply for FNHA Funding

If you would like to apply for funding contact us for further information at Please note that we cannot book a session without PRIOR approval from the First Nations Health Authority.  

FNHA Clients: Services
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