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Rates and Payment Information

Rates for Counselling Services by Olive Branch Counselling

As of January 1, 2024 rates are as follows:

50 Minutes Individual Counselling Video/Telephone $130.00

50 Minutes Individual Counselling In-Person $135.00

50 Minutes Couples/Parents Counselling Video/Telephone $140.00

50 Minutes Couples/Parents Counselling In-Person $145.00

As a registered social worker with the BC College of Social Workers my fees are covered by many private and employment-based medical insurance plans including the Federal Public Service Health Care Plan.

Check with your specific insurance provider to confirm whether counselling with a registered social worker is covered.  

Olive Branch Counselling is a registered First Nations Health Authority provider. For more information click on the "FNHA Clients" tab in our menu. 

Payments are to be received by Olive Branch Counselling prior to the start of each session via cash, credit card or e-transfer.

Clients will be provided with a detailed receipt. 

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